Three Tiers of CardioStix

Basic (4.5oz. set)


Our response to the competing fitness sticks and an upgrade from our prior 4oz. maple sticks, we bring to you our upgraded hickory sticks with grips.

Available in five hot colors:

  • Poundin' Pink
  • Pumpin' Hot Pink
  • Lively Lavendar
  • Movin' Mint
  • Blazin' Blue

Plus (5oz. set)


So you're ready to bump it up to the Plus grade CardioStix? Good choice. These feature our holographic color options and include a clear, lightweight grip by StickStuff Grips. If you want upgraded grips, you can opt to add our black shrink grip sleeve featuring a stylish pattern.

Available in six hot combo colors:

  • Shimmering Blue / Hot Pink
  • Glistening Green / Silver
  • Silver / Hot Pink
  • Purple/Copper/Black
  • Blue/Silver/Purple
  • American Flag

Premium Weighted (8-8.9oz. set)


You've decided to go all out on the Premium Weighted grade Timbale CardioStix. You won't be disappointed. Are you tired of shattering  other fitness or cardio sticks during your workout? Well, we are too! Featuring a staggering almost 3/4-inch diameter, StickStuff Grips, the highest weighted hickory on the market, and no tips to break off, these are sure to please any heavy hitter and add weight to your workout. Made in the USA with eco-friendly American hickory wood.

Available in 3 grip choices: standard grip (as shown), extra grip, and double grip (additional grip added to strike zone for increased durability).

First National Publication First For Women Magazine 11-18-19

Featured in First For Women Magazine (Nov, 2019)


Cardiostix is the number one choice of countless fitness drumming organizations!  We are honored to be endorsed by so many clubs and fitness centers looking for cardio sticks (also known as fitness drumsticks)

Featuring Tami Pedigree, owner of Drum-Latè


Visit to find out more and how to get Drum-Latè in your area!

Success story: drumming changed her life


Tami Peddigree is a certified fitness instructor. A true inspiration who was self motivated to lose over 100 pounds on her own. Creating Drum-Latè truly saved her life.

Drum-Latè and CardioStix at the Los Angeles Fitness Convention


Drum-Latè and CardioStix have partnered to share a fitness booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center, January 25-26, 2020!  If you are in the area, come check us out.

The Fit Expo (Los Angeles)




Benefits of Cardio Drumming


Bundles now available

Get the heaviest weighted all American hickory fitness stix with StickStuffGrip everyone is talking about. Drummers don't use plastic/synthetic stix, why should you? Slight color and weight variations are normal as this is an all-natural eco-friendly wood product.

Bundle on sale now

Limited time offer

Free U.S. Shipping

Holiday Bundle offers with water bottle

Cardiostix Holiday Bundle Offers!  Check out the possibilities

Cardiostix in action

Our friends at Hillsdale Cardio Drumming in Hillsdale Michigan showing off Cardiostix swag and our product line.



The perfect accessory for your CardioStix fitness drumsticks. Made of durable nylon with drawstring closure and vibrant CardioStix logo. Now available in Teal, Purple and American Flag colors! Just $6.50 unless purchased as part of a bundle for additional savings.

Bucket Decals


Seven inch bucket decals featuring CardioGirl.

Available in 2 styles:

  •  No wording

Car Decals


Five inch car decals featuring CardioGirl.

Available in 2 styles:

  • No wording

Available as an add-on to our bundles


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