Hickory not Maple. You receive ONE set in your color choice! Each set weighs approximately 4.5 ounces. If you are a hardcore cardio drummer, this style may not be durable enough for you (example: your routine requires bouncing your sticks off concrete). That's why Cardiostix carries a full line basic, plus and premium weight.All Cardiostix products are made of all natural wood. Slight weight and color variations are normal.

These are a great product  any cardio drummer looking for a lighter drumstick.  These are a hair heavier than your standard drumstick and are 16 inches long.

Customer Reviews

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Dawn B.
Great product!

I love my new cardiostix! They are so much easier to hold- no more flying sticks while I drum! Love the color and the customer service is phenomenal!

Joanne B.
Great sticks

I am new to cardio drumming and these are great for starting out. The grips are great and the weight is perfect.

Jenn R.
Great purchase!

Great quality sticks! Not too heavy or too light. Highly recommend!

Martha L.
Where have you been all my life?

Absolutely love my new Cardio Stix! No more flying drum sticks. My hands now have a better grip and my hands and fingers are no longer sore after exercising. Nice color selection and variety to choose from. Would highly recommend. Quick service too!

Rose Hutchinson
senior exeriser ...

I have recently , enrolled in a cardio class at my local community center. It is a beginners class , and have never used cardio stix before. I have been using the upgraded hickory stix in hot pink! I really love the quality, I especially like the grips on the handles . What a difference a day makes! The cardio stix have helped tone my upper arms. I have noticed a visible tightening in both my triceps and biceps.. I have used gym machines and taken other cardio classes, in the past , none of which have produced the results I have seen since using the cardio stix, I would highly recommend this quality product to anyone striving to tone up , at all levels …

Cardiostix were designed with all ages in mind, from Basic to Plus to Premium Weighted Cardiostix. Thank you for allowing Cardiostix to become part of your workouts. We appreciate your continued patronage.